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How to disable double tap to unlock on the Samsung Galaxy Young 2?

How do i stop the sign double tap to unlock everytime i have a incoming call or i phone out?

I found the GigaGerard to be the best answer for the Samsung Young 2.  To clarify:  Double Tap then Hold the Return button at the bottom right hand corner of the phone for the total duration of the call.

On my Galaxy Young 2 I double tap and hold the return button. That way I can use the dial pad when calling.

i chose option the power button end the calls.

How to disable double tap to unlock in samsung duos 3 during call

I have the same problem but my partner & son who both have the same phone bought at same time do not have this problem, its infuriating cos we have all checked & rechecked the settings but can't get rid of it on my phone,theirs work fine without the 'double tap ' icon coming up

disable double tap to unlock when calling samsung galaxy

Sadly this mechanism was added because for some strange reason Samsung removed the accelerometer and sensor (the two small dots near hear piece) on the galaxy young 2.

On original galaxy young phones the phone detected that it had moved and so gave the option to end calls. The "new model" can't hence this double tap.

I was lucky that I returned mine within the 14 days and replaced it.

Try this: Go to Settings > Screen Lock > choose None.

Let me know if that works.

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