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How to send group messages on the Kyocera Hydro?

I associated contacts with specific groups. When I send a text, how do I call up the entire group without having to send texts to individuals?

I sent Kyocera an email and this is there response:

"It is not possible to send a group text message using your phone by default. This is not a phone limitation but an Android operating system limitation. The Ice Cream Sandwich operating system does not have this feature."

What you can do now is to download apps from Google Play that will let your phone have the group messaging feature. Here's are few apps you can try:

- GO SMS Pro
- Groupy / contact by group
- GangBook-group contact manager
- Group SMS Pro & Scheduler

Charles Strickland

Can you make a new contact a group. I cannot pull up cotnacts under the "to" field.

On the compose message screen, try tapping on the "To" field. That usually displays all your contacts which you can then mark the contacts you want to send a message to. I hope it works for you. Good luck!

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