How do I remove the 2 contacts from coming up while dialing?

when replaceing the faceplate on my touchscreen Samsung galaxy gio GT-s5660M, Where exactly does the wire go and how do I get it in place? I didn't see exactly where it came out of because I didn't remove it! the phone turns on but I can't get the touch-slide to work. Help please?

It's two people from my contact list,I only have four. If I open the phone and go to place a call, the first number I push, these two contacts show up on the bottom of the screen! I know that I hit a couple of buttons by accident so I didn't even see which ones. About a minute later I went to make a call and noticed these names popping up! It hasn't affected the phone just me! Hope this helps! Need more let me know!

Hi Ron. Can you explain further what these 2 contacts are?

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