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How do I push contacts from the Samsung T746 to my Bluetooth-equipped Ford Fusion?

Here are the steps to transfer your phonebook to Ford Sync:

1. Turn on your
- Vehicle
- Radio/SYNC
- Mobile phone
2. Turn on Bluetooth on your phone and make it discoverable.
3. Press the Phone button to access the Phone Menu. Press OK.
4. Press the Arrow buttons until Phone Settings displays. Press OK. Phone Status displays.
5. Press the Arrow buttons until Modify Phonebook displays. Press OK.
6. Press the Arrow buttons until Add Contacts displays. Press OK.
7. Press the Arrow buttons until Download or Confirm Download displays. Press OK. Phonebook Downloading displays.

You can download up to 2,000 entries. The process can take a few minutes, depending on the number of contacts. When the download is finished, Downloaded displays. source

Note: You need to check if your phone is compatible with the Ford Sync system of your car. To check compatibility, click here.

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