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How do I move/download apps to SD Card storage on my Huawei P9 Lite?

I've set SD Card as default storage but each time I download an app it goes to internal storage and I can't see a way to move them?

Go to settings => advanced settings => Memory and Storage => Default location. Bingo.

There's a way to transfer your app data to sd card. First your p9 lite must be rooted, download FolderMount app from google play and install it. Only 3 app is allowed to use and you have to buy it for unlimited use. For me , super good. May you be Ok.

I have also the same problem. It happened after the device had updated to emui 4.1. 

Yes, the most of huawei device no option move apps to sd card. I Think they all ready disable the options. Im using p9 lite and i check my frens device those who using p9 ..same also..but we can install some apps and then when apps ask permission to store the app we can select it to sd card. If we all ready install it to internal we cannot move it. we have to uninstall and install it back

Dude ive tried clicking the storage after entering in the apps folder there is no way we change it to sd card, even by setting default storage as sd card it is written that its being stored in internal memory. So i think we should just ask Huawei's office.

I searched for an answer . Please try this and let me know. 

Set your sd card as a default storage , then if its done go to your apps . 

Click the app that you want to move to your sd card , then tap on the "storage" .

Then tap the sd card . 

Hope this works :)

I have same problem with my p9 lite.. dont know how to do.. no option.. have u solve your problem?

No option available for moving app to SD Card, What are the option now except Rooting the device?

If allowed, you should be able to do it in Settings > Apps > under Downloaded, check if the apps have the option "move to SD card". Let me know how it goes.

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