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How to make ZTE Majesty a Wi-Fi hotspot?

How do i make a hot spot  for my xbox 360?

It doesn't work anymore, it used to about a year ago then every time I turn it on now it immediately cuts back off

Hi David! Setting up a Wi-Fi hotspot with the ZTE Majesty is easy.

First, enable your data connection by swiping down from the top of the screen, pressing the icon on the top right corner of the screen to bring up Quick Settings, and pressing Data Connection.

Confirm that your data connection is active by checking if there is an H+ or E icon on top of the phone's signal bars, and then proceed with setting up the Wi-Fi hotspot with the following steps:

While you're on the home screen, press the menu button (located at the bottom of the phone right next to Home) and choose System Settings or Settings. Then select More.. and choose Data Connection. This should bring you to the Wi-Fi hotspot set-up screen. The switch to toggle the hotspot on and off should be there on the top right corner.

Let me know if this advice works!

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