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How to add a contact info on text messages on the Motorola Moto G?

How do I insert contact number or name in text message in Moto G?

I can't send contact via SMS it will be done mms how can I send it SMS

Hi all,

Same query for Moto M.  The only option available in this also is what opined in this forum.  But in other phones for example, Sony mobiles, we have beautiful option.  First go to contact to whom you want to send sms, opt for SMS and then add contact.  That's all.  So simple,  but in Moto it is not so and cumbersome procedure.  Any improvement than what was told by others, may please be shared here.


Add Contact in SMS ( Moto G5 Plus)

This is simple, earlier I was wondering too.

Go to contact click on right top side option. click on share than select to person contact number, whom you want to share a contact.

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I had issues with this too, i guess no provisions for it. Testra solved mine. Get it on playstore and....allz well.

Select contact which u want to send

click on menu button on rt upper corner

select share option from there

select massage option

select contact to whom u want to send contact details.

Are you kidding me? you cant choose to send a message to a particular contact?
like the second most basic feature you would want a phone to have

Go to all contacts->select the contact->hold it and release->contact details screen appear-> hold the number->cursor shows 'copy'-> open the msg box->text->keep holding-> cursor 'paste'-> paste it. It's detesting to find out this in android phones. horrible!!!!!

ok, finally there is an option,

But there is a big loop hole in great android,


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