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How to increase the volume beyond set parameters on the Motorola WX416?

There is no volume control on this WX416 phone. I read the manual cover to cover and could only find how to set ring tones volumes and other annoying noises. Nothing at all in the manual about how to raise volume to hear the person you are talking to which is most important thing to me. Again, nowhere in the manual is any directions for raising the call volume. If I am wrong someone please show me where in the manual does it say anything about it. I thought a company like Motorola would cover a very basic thing like volume but it seems they forgot about it completely!

how to increase the volume on a WX 416 cell pkone, I can barely hear when some one calls me

Brian Johnson
Brian Johnson

How can the volume be raised on a Motorola WX 416

Motorola phones volume cannot go beyond the maximum set volume.

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