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david bubela

How do I increase the ring time on my Motorola WX416?

On the home page type in **61*9703719275**30# Then select "OPTION" and "CALL". Let it do it's thing and it will give a message saying something about 30 seconds. The number 30 in the sequence above is supposed to mean 30 seconds.

The intervals are supposed to be in "5" second intervals. If you are using vibrate first and then ring, 10 seconds is too short because vibrate is part of the 10 seconds. I am trying 25 seconds because 30 seconds was too long for me.

Go to Settings, then Call Settings, then Call Divert, then Divert if no answer,hit OK, then Activate, then To Voicemail,should give a Wating time list. For Consumer Cellular the max wait time is 30 seconds. Select the wait time you want and hit OK. You will get an information screen showing your new wait time and the number you are forwarding to. Hit OK again and you are done and can back out of the settings menu. Hope this helps.

Hi david. Do you mean increasing the ring time before a call goes to voicemail? If that's the case, you need to contact your carrier directly to get the instructions. Or you can tell me which carrier you're with and I can find out for you.

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