How to hard reset the LG Keybo 2?

i have a keybo 2 and im locked out of my phone i dont know the passcode and its not my phone number or 1234 so if you know please let me know

Hey Bobby. Have you found a solution to your problem yet? Hope you had already. But if you still haven't, contact your service provider and they will reset the code for you and give you the new code.

Using the Internal Keypad:
1. Open the flip and press Ok [MENU].
2. Press 9 Settings & Tools.
3. Press 6 Phone Settings.
4. Press 7 Security.
5. Enter the four-digit lock code.
6. Press 6 Restore Phone.
7. Press Ok after reading the warning message.
8. Enter the four-digit lock code.

Try the last 4 digits of your phone number. If that's not it and you really can't remember your password, I would suggest you to call your carrier as they may be able to offer you assistance.

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