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David Harding

How do I get to my voicemails on the Motorola Moto G?

The wife got her a new moto g and has been trying to access her voice mails but can't find her way to them... i'm afraid for the new phone !!

Angele Healy
Angele Healy

How do you reset pin # to access voicemail on a Moto G EXT?

What is the number I enter in my phone to call back for voice messages left?

There are multiple ways to access voicemail on your handset. When you have a new voicemail, a voicemail icon Image shows at the top of your screen.

Pull down notification tray and tap on voicemail notification message to dial voicemail.

Tap on your voicemail icon Image to bring up the Voicemail application which shows number of available voicemails and gives you the opportunity to access via audio call through the phone (Call Voicemail). You may need to create voicemail password for your phone number when accessing your voicemail account.

To access voicemail through handset dialer, tap Phone icon on the bottom left of any of the homescreens:

Press Dialer icon at top (if not already at dialer)
Phone then tap and hold 1 to speed-dial your voicemail account..
Voicemail access number will vary by service provider

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