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How do I get sound on my Huawei Ascend Y215?

Hi Roger. Go to Settings then tap on Sound. On the settings screen, you can:

• Touch Volume and drag the sliders to set the volumes of music, ringtone, message notification tone, and more.
• Touch Vibration to set whether your phone vibrates when you have an incoming call, new message, new email, upcoming event, and more.
• Touch Silent mode to turn silent mode on or off.
• Touch Phone ringtone to select a ringtone.
• Touch Notification tone to select a tone for a new message, new email, upcoming event, and more.
To adjust the volume, you can press the volume buttons from the home screen or most application screens (for example, the call,music, and
video playback screens).


hey ,how is huawei y ascend it better than galaxy s it give the value for money?

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