How do I get my Nokia Lumia 925 to announce caller ID?

It is not where the manual say it is.

Patricia Gray

I want phone to announce the caller

Patricia Gray

I want Nokia Lumina to announce caller id

In your phone's settings, you can turn on additional Speech commands and functions, including announcing caller ID for incoming calls and texts. You can even tell your phone to read a text message you receive, then dictate and send a reply.

1. To turn on Speech for accessibility, tap Settings icon > Ease of access, then turn on Speech for phone accessibility. This enables the following:

- Announcing caller ID for phone calls. When you get a call, your phone will announce the name or number of the caller.

- Speed dialling. To assign a speed dial number, say "Save speed dial" and then follow the instructions. After you've assigned some speed dial numbers, you can use the "Call speed dial" voice command to call them. Say "Call speed dial number" (where number is the assigned speed dial number).

- Turning call forwarding on or off using Speech. Say "Turn call forwarding on" or "Turn call forwarding off".

Note: Speech may not be available in your country or region.

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