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How to get live chat help from TracFone Wireless?

Having trouble activating new phone.

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I have read these posts, and they all seem to be years old, but up until very recently, within the last two weeks, they did provide a chat option to chat with a real live agent, and not that pointless, annoying chat-bot thing, on this page -

where a red box would pop up that you could click to start a chat session, but they seem to have removed it now for whatever reason.

The main problem with that is that if you do call the number provided, on top of also having to deal with a robot recording, and being put on hold to wait for assistance, when someone finally does answer, their English is so bad, it is almost impossible to understand what they are saying. As well, this is not a direct line to Tracfone Wireless, but instead is just the number to a call center, where they do not truly have an intimate knowledge of how the Tracfone network / devices function, and just read off a script of some sort that is not even remotely related to what you are asking.

It would be different, if Tracfone had a reliable network, but they do not.

Tracfone Wireless, has really disappointed me lately, and I would sell my soul to get away from them, but the phone I have is locked to them for another year!!

They are like Nazis or something, and I seriously regret having ever purchased a phone from them....

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The chat link is not active, meaning it's dead. It might operate from Mon-Fri 9:00 am to 5:00 pm but who knows. They once had a link to just add minutes from the site but that is gone too. isn't technology wunderbar?!?

The chat and email links have been dead for months, and I can not be spending my time trying to call non-Americans who are speaking broken English and reading from scripts. I need chat/email and they removed the links. Last time it all worked that I know of was March 2017.

The link is dead. On their contact page, there is no more link to chat with someone live. Nothing is clickable. I tried multiple browsers and computers. They must have removed it.

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I never got a tracking number for a SIM card being sent for ticket number

 My minutes are finished for the month of  April. Can I get added minutes, right away please. Also, added minutes per month afterward?................................ P L E A S E !!!!!

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Hi Ron. Visit support page of TracFone Wireless. You should see a red bar for live chat. Click on it to connect to a TracFone Wireless agent.

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