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How to download photos from the Samsung C414 to PC?

Do I need to purchase software and data cables etc?

kimberly herchman
kimberly herchman

I bougth a sd reader today but nothing on the screen Plus till if if have to download any thing to up load pictures from my samsung phone to my destop computerIt is a c414 phone.from samsung i even have triend a usb cord

Send the photo to a contact identified with an email address within the picture options.

You can still make the transfer without installing the Samsung PC Studio. Here's how:

1. In Idle mode, select Ok > Settings > Connectivity > Select USB mode > Mass storage.

Mass storage mode allows you to utilize the onboard storage capacity of the phone’s microSD card to store and upload files. This option allows your computer to detect the phone’s microSD card as a removable storage drive.

2. Press Save.

ronald langille

I want to take the pictures from my phone # C141 and put them on my computer but the computer does not have the program to receive same can you help Ron

You can take out your phone's memory card and insert it to your computer. It will appear as a removable drive in "My Computer" and you should now be able to make the file transfer.

Another option is by Bluetooth. You just need your computer to be Bluetooth enabled. If it doesn't have a built-in Bluetooth module, you can just buy a Bluetooth dongle from an electronic store for less than $20. Turn on Bluetooth for both devices, pair them and once paired, you should be able to transfer files.

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