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How to delete videos on the ZTE Agent?

How do I delete "stored videos" which do show up in my videos but the memory info says I have 100 megs of video stored?

On the ZTE Z222 go to menu, File Manager, select Videos, my videos, on the options button choose delete and then confirm

You can delete a video by going to main menu, downloads, select the video you want to delete and choose delete option.

Hi, No these are not preloaded videos. I think they are videos I downloaded from the internet which I saved to "store only". However when I go to "my videos" to see the downloaded videos they do not show up. But the "memory info" says I have 100 megs of space used by these videos. Now the phone is very limited with memory. I can't find any way to delete these
videos. Help! Thanks,

Are those pre-loaded videos that came with the phone? Try choosing a video and then view options. There should be an option to delete it.

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