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How do I delete pictures off the Kyocera Event?

I have a Kyocera Event and I can not get the pictures to delete from my gallery. I will delete a picture but later it will show back up in my gallery even though I have deleted it. I read somewhere that if your google account is synched with your phone to turn it to "off" then delete the pictures and they will stay off. I have tried this but they eventually came back. I need help, I can't afford a new phone right now and I have a lot of junk and accidental pictures taking up space on my phone.

Fallout Master
Fallout Master

thank you so much. big help guys.

Remove the Folder from the Gallery

Go to the Settings then to the Application Manager
Go to the tab labeled All
Find Gallery on that list
Tap on Clear Data, It will pop up a Message saying it will delete everything, it does Not actually delete your regular photos though

Same problem with Kyocera Event, syncs are off, deleted photos, cleared data, they all come back. Can't find any solution online anywhere.


This doesn't work???I'm so confused but I have tried everything but WHY WON'T IT WORK

I know I've done everything, but this crappy phone won't let me. WHY???

Vivian Short
Vivian Short

I have a kyocera hydro phone and I would like to know how to delete the auto backup photo file?

this does not work. I have done everything including unsyncing my google photos and clearing my data. ive even changed my sd card. nothing works

Go to SettingsApps. Tap on the All tab, scroll down and tap on Gallery. Tap on Clear data to remove all pictures synchronized to your phone. Let me know how it goes.

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