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How to permanently delete photos on the LG Tribute?

I keep trying to delete unwanted pictures but when I turn my phone off and back on they are there. How do I delete them for good

Tried the Settings --> Apps --> thing. Found no "manage apps" feature, just 4 apps listed. One was , the others were unfamiliar to me. I'M try to delete pics b/c when someone sends me multimedia pics in messaging, the previously saved (and completely unrelated) are displayed, instead.


I was having the same problem. I went through file manager to delete the photos. Now let's see if that works....permanently

Try this: Go to Settings ➔ Applications ➔ Manage Applications. Go to All tab. Look for Gallery and tap on Clear data.

Back up all your media files (photos, videos, audio) before doing this just to be on the safe side.


Omg this is so frustrating, I need this to be answered as well

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