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How do I delete photos of auto backup on my Sony Xperia sola?

helIo!i wanto to delete some pictures of gallery ,but they dont have delete option .how can I delete. These photos ?please help me!

Dear sir. Request Delete my memory card photos please Help me


I have heaps of photos in file labelled auto back up that will not give me option to delete,on sony tablet. I only want to delete select few of these photos or if have to that whole file but do not want to lose any other photos in gallery. Going through the settings etc only gives option to clear all data from gallery. How do I delete the ones I dont want without losing the ones I do.

thanks alot..its working...happie..:D :D :D

Thanks a lot.It works..Amazing..I've been checking this for almost an year and got the answer finally.:)


Thanq for ur info... It's working.. I have been trying to delete auto backup photos from gallery almost one year..but this helped me to delete easily by clearing date in application under settings!! M so Happie now!!

Hi mania n0ora. Go to SettingsApplicationsManage Applications. Go to All tab. Look for Gallery and tap on Clear data. This will delete all the photos that were synchronized to your phone. Those are the photos that did not have the delete option in your phone's gallery.

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