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Willie Schwartz

How do I delete downloads on the Motorola DROID Turbo?

downloaded file I want to delete

Droid Turbo 2: Go to downloads (It should be in your apps). Press and hold the file to be removed. After two seconds the trash can will pop-up in the upper right. Touch the trash can and the file is deleted.

There is a "download" file under storage in Settings. If you list the files, you can drag your finger to the right and you should see the trash can in the upper right hand corner..tap it and the file is deleted.

james wilkerson

How to delete downloaded files

Some phones have an app named Downloads. Check it, all your downloaded files are listed there and can be deleted from there.

Or using a File Manager/Explorer app, look for a folder named Downloads.

How do I delete downloads from droid turbo?

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