How do I delete contacts on my Alcatel One Touch Fierce?

How do I delete contacts

Go to the contacts and go to edit then from he top of the screen your able to delete them

Go to contacts not phone then pick the number you want to delete then look at the top of your screen you will see what looks like a pencil tap it the hold your recent app button and you will see delete

How can I delete some contacts on a Alcatel fierce xl ?

When I get to the point where I should tap delete I can't find a delete button.

Delete contact

From the Home screen, tap People.
Tap on desired contact that you would like to delete.
Tap the Recent Apps key All Aps.png to bring up the Menu.
Tap Delete.
Tap Ok.

You can't. You can only remove contacts name and leave them as (No Name). Holding the menu button doesn't do anything but allow you to trash the menu button.

NO Don't tap the menu button hold the menu button. Idiots trying to give instructions. WOW

How do u delete a contact from a alcatel

Vanna Sorensen
Vanna Sorensen

I'm having a hard time trying to delete the phone numbers out of my contact list and I feel like a mental ill retarded. I just couldn't do it and alcatel one touch fierce isn't the easy one to use.

Hi Tracy. View the contact then tap on the menu button. You should see the option for Delete.

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