How to copy pictures and text messages from the ZTE A210 to computer?

If you love to send and receive text messages via your Android phone everyday, you probably would face the problem of deleting some important text messages on your phone to make room for other text messages you want to save. The better solution to get rid of this problem is to save text messages to computer.
Transfer text messages and pictures from ZTE to computer is not hard, there many tools can do this job, as I know, Coolmuster Android Assistant can help the Android phone user manage their Android phone data.
Here is the solution: How to Transfer text messages and contacts from ZTE mobile to computer?

You can only transfer the pictures to computer by Bluetooth services. Follow the below instructions to transfer pictures and music to computer via bluetooth:-
1. Press the Left Soft Key Menu >
Multimedia > Select a folder where
the file exists, My Images or My
2. Select a file you desire to send
and press the Left Soft Key Send.
3. Select Via Bluetooth.
4. Select a target Bluetooth device
to send.
5. Press the OK Key

But make sure that your computer has a Bluetooth Receptor.

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