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How do I change my ringtone on the LG F60?

how do i use my own personal music as ringtones

i can't find a folder named ringtone. i've looked everywhere. please helpp

How do you import outside ringtones? (not listed)

No laptop needed, just go to your file manager find the music you want and hold on it then press move the go back to the internal. Then go to ringtones then press ok


Hook up your F60 onto your laptop or desktop computer by using your USB cable. Once you done that, go to "Computer", click on "Portable Device" then to "Internal Storage". You will see the folder called "Ringtones". Add your personal music into that folder. After all that, you will see your added music in your F60 under Ringtone.

1. Swipe down from the top of the screen
2. Tap the Settings icon
3. Tap Sound
4. Tap Ringtone
5. Tap the ringtone you wish to use
6. Tap OK


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