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How do I block text messages from my Samsung Galaxy S4 mini

and where do they go?

If I block a person's texts can they still receive texts from me?

Go to messages and hold down a message from the number you want to block. Keep finger on it and a list will pop up. Click add to spam list. From then on the number will bypass your messages if they text you. Does it for me. Problem is i have no idea where my list of spam numbers is so can't allow someone back in.

Easy way is open contacts click on name you want to block. Top right there is a star click. Go bottom left click and reject will now show in list

i just wanna block text messages and not calls,,,,
wha do i do??

Lauri Komita

How do I block ALL texting on the phone? I want to temporarily not allow texting while overseas. Thanks!

robert aragon
robert aragon

I also have a galaxy s4 . There is no spam folder. Call reject only blocks calls. Wtf . Can't anyone answer this question.

does selecting "add to spam numbers" the same as blocking it. Will the number still come through?

If you block the number and load app like Calls Blacklist the sms still come through on this app. I want to block number never to send me a sms again or that it can come through any app.

Failed on my G4 Mini
Add to spam numbers is not a selection under Menu

Doping this through your phone doesn't always work. I have many rejected numbers that still send me spam texts successfully

Hi. I noticed that I can not block an iPhone 6 user that I want to block from my Samsung S4. Any ideas? Is CALL REJECT any different?

I tried blocking the number from my VZW account on the blocking page, and that Verizon site said iPhones cannot be blocked. What the heck????

Hmm... I have a Galaxy 4S mini (Android version 4.2.2) and I do not have an "Add to spam numbers" option under the menu key after I have opened a text from a sender I want to block...

I have the following options only :

Delete Threads
Draft messages
Locked messages
Save messages
Font size

...selecting the "Settings" choice from here shows sevral choices but none refering to spam or blocking (or anything similar):

Any ideas on why I don't have any spam text blocking options (I have a caller reject list, but that's it)? Any info is much appreciated. Thanks!

My Partner has a S4 I have an iphone 4s all of a sudden text messages from me to her are not being delivered even though I receive messages from her , I can message my friends, call my friends no probs , this one has stumped me ...pls can someone help thanks john

Laura your answer was very clear on blocking spam, although, I don't have those features on my Samsung S4 or if I do, I can't seem to locate them. I have Verizon so I don't know if that makes a difference. ("To block text messages directly through your Samsung Galaxy device, you have two options. First, you can add the phone number you want to block to your contact list, open the contact, tap the menu key and select “Add to reject list.” The second option is to open a text message from the number you want to block, tap the menu key and select “Add to spam numbers.” Either of these settings can be undone on the same screens.

You can also add to and manage numbers on your auto reject list easily through the phone settings without having to add a number into your contact list. Simply tap the menu button on the home screen of your Samsung, tap "Settings," tap "Call Settings," tap "Call Rejection" and add or remove phone numbers to your call rejection list."). I wondered if any of the third party Apps that you mentioned are without cost? If so, which ones, and do you have a preferred recommendation, whether with or without charge for the service?

If I block someone on the call rejection will they still be able to sms me? Or how can I block someone to not be able to sms me?

There's no way someone will know that you blocked them. :)

Keidy Bodden

Hi, If I add someone to my "reject list", will they know that their text is rejected too?

Hi, thanks for this, it's great. If I add someone to my "reject list", will they know that their text is rejected?



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