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How to block calls in ZTE Majesty?

I want to block one caller

This ZTE majesty phone DOES NOT have call blocker text blocking feature. I searched everywhere on phone. Tell me Jess. You said it does, then give us complete directions on how to.

The ZTE Majesty Pro has call blocking.   I have this phone.    It's a Straight Talk phone that I purchased at Walmart for like $39.

Yeah, fresumi is right. You can find other call blocking apps in Google Play store.

The ZTE MAJESTY phone does not come with that particular option to block. I had this phone for two years and loved it. What you may find useful is going to your Playstore and downloading the call detector app or any other call blocker app. I switched phones because this one was gifted to me (LG G FLEX) and I presently use the Safest Call Blocker app. I switched from call detector because it now limits your usage although when I first downloaded it, it was no stipulations but regardless, it works well cause it blocks calls and texts at your discretion.

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