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How do I back up SMS from the Nokia 130 (and Nokia 100)?

I have two 'phones: a Nokia 130 and a Nokia 100. I also have a SIM card reader which allows me to"see" and back up SMS which are on the SIM cards. The problem is that not all of the SMS are showing up. I believe that that is because some of the SMS are stored in the 'phones' memories.

This seems a very odd way arrange things.

How would I go about transferring the signals held in the 'phones' memories to the SIM cards?

how to copy the sms phone to sim plz give me solution

I also have same problem backing up of messages from my Nokia 130 to either SIM card or to store in ther external drive. After so many efforts, I could find only option that it can be done thr Nokia PC suite provided it should detect the phone connected to PC through USB.


Wrong answer "Coinneach". Nobody is so stupid that they pay for backing up their own text messages by sendig it to party message center like "TextMagic". I just want to be able to save the messages free of charge to my PC either through bluetooth,cable, SIM reader or some other kind of free software.


So how do i save the message to my sim card on Nokia 130 ?

Well, the only way I think you can do is move the messages to the SIM card. Keep in mind that it's very limited.

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