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How do I add ringtones to the BlackBerry Q5?

Just got a Q5 and it has about 5 rubbish ringtones how do I add more ringtones?

Marc Labelle

How can I get a ringtone on my phone,without computer.

If you have the tones saved in your computer, here's how:

1. Connect your SD card to your computer via microUSB. Make sure USB Mass Storage is enabled by going to Settings > Storage and Access and toggling USB Mass Storage on.

2. Once you're connected, you'll see your SD card on your computer as a removable drive. Open the drive and create a folder called Ringtones. You can also use a folder that's already on the device.

3. Drag and drop the ringtone files you want to use into the folder of your choosing. When the transfer is complete, eject the drive.

Your tones are now on your SD card and can be chosen from the notification settings on your device and used as you see fit. When browsing, choose Browse Tones then navigate to the folder on your SD card where you placed the files. source

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