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How to activate LED notification light on the Samsung Galaxy A7?

i need you to tell me how to activate it because when a message comes or when its charging there is no notification light

How to active LED notification light on my device?

My Samsung Galaxy A7 2016 is not working front notification led

Don't worry. Even iPhone doesnt have a service light

im so dissappointed with samsung a7 for the led notification. any message ,1st i refer to led light that i choose the spesific colour for each important application :( but there's no LED light. damn!

Uffff thanx alot for letting me knoe this that there is no glashing light in A7 well i was not expecting such thing wven after purchasing an expensive mobile there is no notifaction light how stupid is samsung

the LED flash at the back for camera can be turned into a notification light . just enable it in the settings :D

Well thank you for that.
First proper answer I have gotten.

Unfortunately, it doesn't have LED notification lights.

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