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How did my photos got deleted without my authorization on my Samsung Galaxy Centura?

My phone model is the samsung galaxy centura sch-s738c
I never asked for all my pictures to get erased, I did remove my memory card but im unsure if it has to do with or something about my computer accessing the pictures. Please help me on how to recover all my pictures back I have no clue how to do so, but I downloaded several hardwares, or softwares, the point is I need to get those pictures back asap, since I heard that if I wait any longer I may not be able to recover some since it automatic removes the deleted data completely since it adds more space for more apps, or photos etc.

Hmm... I believe your memory card got damaged/corrupted. I suggest using file restoration apps in your PC. Use a memory card reader to have your computer retrieve files in your memory card.

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