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How to upload pictures from the ZTE C78 to a computer?

I have pictures on my ZTEC78 but am unable to get them out of my phone. The phone was purchased in a different state and is no longer in use with any carrier.

You can send pictures via MMS or Bluetooth

1. Send a picture message to your email and download it on your computer
Menu → Messaging → Send New → MMS → Insert → MyImages

2. Your phone has Bluetooth and you can pair it with your Bluetooth-enabled computer to send and receive files from your phone to computer and vice versa.
Menu → Settings → Bluetooth

- Access in the Bluetooth Device interface.
- Press Search to find a new compatible device.
- If Bluetooth power is set to off, you will be prompted to turn the power on. Select
Yes to enable Bluetooth.
- The device will appear in the Bluetooth Devices menu once it has been located.
Highlight the desired device and press Pair.
- The phone will prompt you for the pass key. Consult the Bluetooth accessory
instruction manual for the correct pass key. Enter the pass key and press OK.
- Once paired, you will see the device listed in the Paired Devices menu, and the
Bluetooth icon will appear on the status bar.

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