How can I send text by voice on the Samsung Galaxy Ace II X?

What "TEXT BY VOICE" App did you use? Was it directly from Samsung?

just got mine 3 days ago and was wondering the same thing. Someone might have a better answer but I just loged onto the appstore and downloaded 2 apps for free. the firstone was no good to say it kindly but TEXT BY VOICE app works great for everyday texts , but i find when saying things like puddy knife it says party knife lol . if i pronunciate correctly and use smaller comon words to say what i need it is great for driving and texting . the hands free i bought from a gas station $15.00 has a cheap mike and gives me problems but the samsung BT i bought 4yrs ago for 100 is clear and works perfect. Goodluck and hope it helps. if anyone else has a better answer please post , id love to know if theres a app already on my phone or a better free one out there.

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