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How to save photos from Facebook and received picture messages on the Alcatel One Touch Idol X?

i would like to save picture on my phone from facebook of family and fro text ?

Hey Carl P. Theres no frickin menu on my frickin facebook app. Its really pissing me off man.

Hi.. Can someone pls help me on how to save/download a picture nd video from facebook using alcatel one touch pop c7

Miriam Pagan
Miriam Pagan
Can't save or send photos on Feb app

Dama nicholas
Dama nicholas
I tried to save pictures from facebook to my ALCATEL pixi 2 phone but evry time l press save it always shows error save picture.

Yes me too...wondering how to save photos from facebook ? pls let us know

markanth bagz
markanth bagz

how to save photo from facebook to alcatel flash2

In the message hold the picture and click the save (looks like a box) and then click it again the box it will save it to a downloaded folder in pictures gallanry

hi. tried that on my phone and nothing happens, i cant save mms photos and facebook photos...any suggestions?

Hi Ana, pictures that get sent through text usually get saved to the Gallery automatically, although the same can't be said of pictures sent through Facebook.

In any case, the next time that you are viewing received pictures, either press the menu button (located to the right of the Home button) or do a long press on the screen (right on top of the picture itself) until you see a bunch of options pop up. Look for the option that says Save picture or something similar and select it to save a picture.

Try this and let us know what happens!

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