How can I put photos from my computer to my Huawei Ascend Y300?

I recently uploaded my photos to my computer from my huawei to back them up, but after doing so, NONE of my photos show up on my phone. How can I put them back?

Ok, so you want to transfer files from your phone to pc? There's this app that I use, and it's very easy to use. The name of the app is AirDroid. Make sure your PC and phone is connected on the same network. Now, install the AirDroid in your phone, it's free. Next, on a browser in your PC, visit that's how you will access files on your phone. Please try it and let me know if that works for you. :)

Hi i recently posted a Q about how to transfer pics and videos to my PC well from connecting and disconnecting a few time i notice some options pop up on my device got it wow i feel so embarrassed that i didn't catch it the first time lol thanks guys

Hello I'm hoping to get answers for my problem and i hope i'm at the right place to do it. I have a Huawei Y300-0151 aI plug to PC a window pops up with the options to import pics and videos and t view files ,folders. now when i go to import it says pics not found and when i view files there is Document folder, drivers folder,Auto run and a photo file of mobile partners can someone help? Please. Sorry for the long txt just want to explain myself as much as i can Thank you for your time and efforts to trying to solve my issue

Hi Katie. You may have moved the photos instead of just copying them. Connect your phone to PC again to establish the connection. This time just copy the photos instead of moving them so you'll have copies in both your PC and mobile phone.

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