How can I prolong battery life of my Samsung Galaxy Discover?

Hi Peter. Here are some ways to prolong your battery life:

1. Dim the screen brightness
2. Keep the screen timeout short
3. Turn off Bluetooth
4. Turn off Wi-Fi
5. Go easy on the GPS
6. Don't leave apps running in the background
7. Don't use vibrate
8. Turn off non-essential notifications
9. Power-saving modes

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I have an unlocked Galaxy Ace Q i827. Battery drain issues COULD be with your sim card. After installing the Petro Can sim, the battery would drain fast--about 5 or 6 hours. After several days of searching, I found out it could be the sim card causing a short somehow & draining the battery---even when it's off!

Try taking out the sim card & monitor the battery drain. If you find your phone lasting longer, than you know it's the sim card. Then, try this. Disable all wifi, Bluetooth setting etc. Shut down the phone. Re install the sim card. Make SURE, it is installed correctly & all the way. Power up the phone. I just did this procedure & my phone has been sitting at 74% power for about 1/2 hour now. I may be on my way! Good luck~

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