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How to permanently delete pictures on the LG Tribute?

There's certain pictures that I want off my phone and to never see again. Sadly, every time I delete the photo it doesn't permanently delete it, just temporarily. Help! I don't like this

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Just go to File Manager, I deleted mine from there. Yes the photos were on my SD card, but it got rid of them.

I figured it out! My gallery was set to save my photos to my SD card. If this is your setting, the photos will NOT delete.
This is what I did:
1. Sort through your gallery and delete the useless photos and duplicates.
2. Upload your photos to a Cloud, Dropbox, etc.
3. Unmount SD card
4. Connect your SD card to your computer and delete the pictures!

Even though I connected it to my computer, they still didn't want to delete.
So, I connected the SD card back into my phone and ERASED it.
Just know, any photos, music, apps you have on it will be permanently gone.
After a restart to test it, the photos are no more! (Almost 700)
And please, it is imperative that you BACK UP your photos!
Good luck!

This was driving me crazy too, but I finally found a solution! The only way to remedy this issue is to download a gallery app (I did Gallery KK) & delete pics through that. It works! I hate this phone!

There is no "Gallery" to tap on the Tribute

First, I want you to backup your photos to a computer. After that go to Settings > look for Gallery, tap it > tap Clear data. Check your gallery if there are still photos after that, if there is, delete it from there. Let me know if that works.

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