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How can I make my Alcatel A392G ring more than six times?

My Alcatel A392G only rings six times before going to missed call. I do not have time to get it out of my purse and open in that length of time. Is there a way to make it ring until I answer it or even ten times before going to missed Call?

Hi again Mary, I think it might be just as I mentioned in my earlier comment. The reason behind your phone not ringing more than six times before registering a missed call could be a setting that was specified by your mobile network. Have you tried contacting them about this problem yet? They should be able to fix it easily.

I found someone that had a similar problem and was advised to take it to her network provider for a fix. You can read the story here:

Thank you David for responding. This is a new Cell phone to me and I have been calling it from my home phone. The phone only rings six times and goes to Missed Call and I have not hung up the Home Phone. The cell that I replaced this one with kept on ringing until I answered. I switched from the Big Easy to the Big Easy Flip Phone. So far I have not found a way to make it keep on ringing.

Hi Mary, this problem seems peculiar. I may be wrong, but I believe a phone should keep ringing as long as the other person stays on the line and waits for the call to be picked up. So are callers to your phone number simply dropping their calls after hearing the sixth ring? Or is there a setting on your phone or network somehow that causes all calls to be ended as soon as the phone rings six times?

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