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How to download photos and contact info from the Samsung Hype into a memory card?

File transfer between your phone and a PC requires a PC with available USB port, installation of PC Studio on the PC, and a USB cable. To transfer photos:

1. Start the PC Studio software.
2. Connect the USB cable to a USB port on your PC and to your phone
3. When the software connects to the phone, the SGH-A256 icon appears
at the right side of the PC screen.
4. In the PC Studio program, click on the SGH-A256 icon. The Phone
Explorer window appears.
5. Using Phone Explorer, navigate to the phone folder you want to
6. Click the My Computer icon to view file folders on the PC. Navigate to
the PC folder you want to access.
7. You can drag and drop files between phone and PC folders.

As for phone contacts, there is no information indicated in the user manual for an option to do this. If you want to check the user manual, you can download it from the Samsung Hype product page. Just click on the download link located on the right hand side of the page.

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