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How to disable Kid's Store in Kid's mode of the Samsung Galaxy S5?

Kids mode installs the kids store as standard, but I really don't want my two year old to have access to it. I can't see how to get rid of it though, and it means that we just end up not using the Kids mode at all.

Try telling your 3 yr old they can't have every app they want!! How do I remove it entirely???

Hey guys, this was my question too and the whole reason i ended up on this page. Every search i did no one would answer this question or said you couldn't remove it. I just reinstalled kids mode and I never had the store app before so i was concerned about my child buying things...... well if you all take the time to play around in kids mode so that you know what your child is using, go to the app store and see what happens! The app store your child has access to does not allow them to buy anything, it simply adds anything they click on to a "wish list" that you can access in parental mode and decide if you want to download or not. So no worries people, you still have to approve downloads it just let's them "window shop" :)

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