How to set the number of rings before call gets transferred to voicemail of the Pantech Breeze 3?

1. On your phone, dial *#61# and click Send.

2. Some information should be displayed: number that the calls are being forwarded to and the delay before the forwarding engages.

3. Write down the number (including +1).

4. Dial **61*+1xxxyyyzzzz*11*30# and hit Send. +1xxxyyyzzzz is the number you wrote down previously, 30 is the delay in seconds. The delay can be set in 5 second increments, 30 is maximum.

5. Dial *#61# to verify that the new settings are active.


Hi Charles. Instructions would depend on which carrier you're with. Let me know which wireless provider you're with so I can help you. Thanks ^_^

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