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F.C. Michelsen

How and where to pay Virgin Mobile bill?



Here are ways to pay on a monthly plan:

1. Online through My Account:
The quickest and easiest way to pay your bill is to log in to My Account and make a one-time credit card payment.
- Sign into My Account at
- Click on My Bill
- Click on Pay my bill
- Pick the credit card you would like to make a payment with under “One Time Credit Card Payment”

2. Through your bank online or with telephone banking
Pay your bill through online or telephone banking by registering Virgin Mobile as a Payee at your bank. Nifty. You will need your Client ID (14 digits) to register for online or telephone banking.
- Your Client ID can found in My Account on the left hand side when you pick “Pay My Bill”
- You can also find your Client ID Number on your bill in the top right hand corner

3. Pre-authorized debit
If you sign up for pre-authorized debit, we’ll automatically withdraw the total amount of your bill each month from the bank account of your choice. Easy as that.
- To debit from your bank account you need to head to My Account and give us your information.
- Click on My Profile
- Click on Bills and Services
- Scroll down to Method of payment and click "Change"

4. Pre-authorized credit

If you want to pay with your plastic, head to My Account to set it up
- Sign into My Account at
- Pick “Pay My Bill” under “Usage & Billing”
- Pick “Pre-authorized credit card payment”
- Complete the online form with the required info and pick “Submit” source

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