What to do when Huawei Honor 6X fingerprint setting is gone?

When I first got this phone there was an option to use the back to set your fingerprint as a way to unlock phone and stuff but one day I noticed it stopped working so I checked the setting and the Fingerprint ID page was gone! I tried searching for the setting and it popped up but I couldn't add any more fingerprints (I had only 2 at the time) and settings associated with the fingerprint stuff wasn't working like touching the place would take pictured, and dropping the notification page down if scrolled down on the plate, etc. Then I tried a system reset and it was still missing! I even looked it up in the settings page and it said no matching results? What's going on and how can I fix this? I got it 2 days ago (4/11/17)! Will it be fixed in the Emui 5 update coming up soon? I'm running Emui 4.1 currently...Please help

Hi Tina. Can you check Settings > Security > Screen lock > check if fingerprint is an option.

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