What to do when you lose emails on Doro 8030?

Checked the settings & they are the same as for my PC. I am with Virgin Media blueyonder service.

Glad it was just that and you were able to fix it. Cheers!

Hi many thanks for your help & interest, tried taking battery out but no luck. Did a factory reset all working great, as my contacts lists were backed up to a mini SD card no issues with re-importing the directory of contacts. I am assuming some corruption with an email may have caused this issue, anyway thanks a lot.

Hi again Bob. Thanks for replying. Would love to to read what happens after that. Keep us posted.

Hello & thank you for the comments & suggestions. Latest update, after two days with out receiving a single email suddenly over the weekend I get 14 of them but none of them will open, the screen shows a X after loading. Will have to do a complete reset after backing up my contacts folder. Will keep you posted.

Hey there again Bob. Can you try using a different email app? Yep, Virgin Media should also be able to help you.

Thank you, I have already done this several times, I use the same settings as those for my PC, which I receive with no problems. When I send a test message the PC receive it but my DORO. My provider is Virgin Media doyou think they could help? 

If I were you, I would reset the settings of the email app and enter my email account again.

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