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Where to buy replacement screen for HTC Desire 310?

Hi I purchased a Htc 310 3 weeks ago and unfortunately my niece had cracked the screen is there anywhere that I could purchase a replacement screen? thanks?

nitesh tiwari
nitesh tiwari

I want purchase for tuch and display htc desire 310

i misplace my bill of htc desire 310 and crack my lcd screen purchased in patna bihar so how will i repair my mobile

How much cost will be for replacing my HTC Desire 310 screen? Will you give guarantee for screen??

Hi! Have you tried contacting the store where you bought this phone from for support and warranty repair/service? If you really need to purchase a replacement screen for the HTC Desire 310 yourself, you can try eBay. Try the following link to kickstart your search:

HTC Desire 301 replacement display

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