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How to unlock a Virgin Mobile Canada phone?

Hey guys, I am very disappojnted with your unlocking policy of Iphones! Desimlock my iphone 4s! My Iphone is an used 4s Iphone that I cannot use because I am in Europe for my job! Any help? I tried and asked my brother to contact virgin and ask them to unlock my phone but in vain!

Here’s the criteria you’ll need to meet for Virgin Mobile Canada to unlock your phone:

- You must be or have been a  Virgin Mobile member.
- The phone must be locked to Virgin Mobile’s network.
- The phone cannot be reported as lost or stolen.
- The phone must be HSPA or LTE compatible.
- Subsidized phones must have been activated with service for at least 90 days.   Phones that’ve been purchased outright or that don’t have a remaining phone balance or discounts, can be unlocked any time if all other requirements are met.
- Prepaid phones can be unlocked at anytime if there’s a prepaid balance to deduct the unlocking fee.
- Your account must be in good standing.
- If your account has been cancelled, you can’t have a balance owing on your account and any pending charges should be paid.

It will cost you $50 + taxes.


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