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Is there a way to get a cheap cellphone without having to get a plan?

I just need a cell phone which i can receive phone call, but all the company ,(such as telus, rogers, and fido) want me to buy the monthly plan and three year agreement in oder to get a cell phone for free.
Is there any way I can get a cheap cell phone with a phone number i can receive phone call without paying monthly(even prepaid is monthly since the value of it expire after one or two month) ?
If yes, how ??
If no, do you think fido's monthly plan is the best since it is only $15 a month plus a cell phone for free and fido agreement(3 years i think) ?

P.S. I just move to Toronto, and I will live in Toronto for next three years.

I will be appreciate if someone can help me with this topic.

Thank you~^^

thats a rip off you can get your cell unlocked anywhere for like $15 to $20

We can arrange unlocked GSM phones for as little as $50 with NO CONTRACT
contact us

Don't even consider Fido. Take it from me, and many other disgruntled customers. You will end up regretting it. Their reception in many areas of Toronto, especially in homes is non-existent, and to top it off, their service SUCKS!!!


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