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How much does Telus charge for data usage?

I borrow my dad's cellphone for when I go out at night, and tonight I was waiting for the bus for 2 hours so I messed around on the 'net for most of that time.
I had no idea that the going rate was so expensive :shock:
I came home and told my parents and they're like, "your dad's work pays for that and he never sees the bill."
Now, his work is going through job cuts and I'm scared that these charges will be outstanding.
What's the rate for an internet minute on a telus plan?
Any help would be SO appreciated!

yea well im 13 i know cells i have already had 10 all telus but you see its hard to tell you because i dont no what kind of plan you have.

if you have a pay and talk account its free

but if its a contract its 10 cents very minute.

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