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Why does my LG Optimus L7 heat up whenever I'm using it?

Hello, am using l7 and the phone gets hot whenever am opening an application or surfing the intetnet?pls what can be done to avoid the hotness?


Tnk u very much dis really wil help il tak note afta doin al u said once again tnk u appreciate

It's normal for the phone to heat up on some circumstances but if it becomes too hot, then here are some usual reasons you can check:

• Wrong or bad charger
• Inadequate access to air and
• Prolonged usage or using too many applications at once

If you have already checked the possible reasons on the above list and your sure not any of those are causing your phone to heat up, contact LG or the carrier you got your phone from. If your phone is still under warranty, you can have it fixed or even replaced.

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