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Headphone jack

I used to have a cell phone that allowed me to plug in a headset with a boom microphone. I miss that a kit. Are there any modern phones that will do that?

Hi again Ken. How about Bluetooth Headsets? From what I learned on what you said, I think BlueParrott C300-XT is something you would like.

I did some checking, and the closest thing I can find is an item listed on Amazon.  It's a cable called AmazonBasics and it's described as an adaptor that converts USB-C to a 3.5 mm headphone jack and compatible with headphones and microphones.  It would be a fairly expensive gamble though......The cable is 16.99, and since I don't have a headset with a 3.5 mm plug, I'd have to replace that too. And, the cable is described as being suitable for a number of brands -MacBook Pro, iPad Pro 2018, Samsung Note 10/Note 10 Plus, Google Pixel 4/3A/3A XL/3/3XL/2/2XL, Huawei P30 Pro/P20 Pro, Sony Xperia XZ3/XZ2, HTC U12/U11, Moto Z4/Z3/Z2, Razer, Xiaomi, Oneplus and more.  However, LG isn't mentioned among the compatible brands, so who knows if the LG socket is wired to use the same pins in the plug for audio, and as I mentioned before, LG doesn't off an external microphone accessory for that phone, so there's no way to know if  a boom microphone would work.  I'll make some inquiries locally, I think.  The Telus store should have information if anybody does because the LG A340 was a phone distributed by Telus.  Thanks for all of the help. I appreciate it.

Hi Carl, thanks for your responses.  I guess I'm going to have to go into the local Telus store tomorrow and ask.  I may have to look at getting a different phone though, because although the LG A340 has the facility of plugging ear buds into the USB charging socket, my instincts are telling me that the phone in all probability isn't wired to facilitate an external boom microphone because LG doesn't offer anything like that for that phone.

Actually, I've never graduated to using a smart phone.  Because of my eyesight, I find the glare of the screens make them difficult to use.  I have an LG A340 flip phone.  It came with a set of ear buds that plug into the charging outlet, but I dislike having to stick something into my ear, plus there's no facility for a boom microphone.  I grew to like a headset that has a headband with one over-the-ear type pad and a flexible stalk that contains a microphone element, and I'm hoping to find a phone that'll accept a headset of that type, which has a standard sub-miniature jack. I don't know the specific size of it, which I think is probably measured in mm, but it's similar to, but smaller than, the 1/8" jacks that are used on Walkman portable stereos.  I had three different cell phones, an Audiovox and two Samsungs that used that kind of arrangement for a headset, and I'm disappointed that I'm having difficulty finding that feature in a modern cell phone.

Hi Ken. I believe there are accessories that does this to most smartphones available. Have you tried checking online stores?

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