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Headaching riddle with memos

So my problem is the following:

I have Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 with display that doesnt work anymore. Its black but it detects touches. So I am able to unlock it by blindly typing my pattern this way I have acces to its files via usb. I didnt find where is the memo file and im not sure if there is such. I backed up my phone with SmartSwitch (Btw I dont know why kies didn`t recognise the device). So I have the .nmm file from the backup. I dont have another samsung device to export it there, but I can ask a friend with a Samsung J series device for his.

Question 1: Can I export it via SmartSwitch to a J series phone

Question 2: Is there another way to do read the memo, since I can borrow his phone after 4-5 day, but I need those memos as soon as possible. Most are needed for my job. Ive searched alot of places, but there is no way that I found to open them on my PC. The only think that I managed to think of is to export it to an emulated android, but then how am I gonna mount an android emulator to the USB port of my PC. Then again another problem comes: how am I gonna emulate android that works with .nmm files or the exact memo app my Galaxy Ace 4 worked... Thanks in advance.

Q1: Yes, SmartSwitch should work with any Samsung Galaxy device.

Q2: Looks like your best option here is to sync. But can you access all your files from your PC? If you can, look for Memo.db. I also did a quick search and found this app Vysor (link), maybe that can help you access your phone from PC.

.nmm files: use Smart Switch to transfer it to your new Samsung Galaxy phone and replace the .nmm file on the new phone.


P.S from OP:

I hadn`t use any cloud or backing up on this phone before.

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