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Alejandro Ghita

Having issues with my Motorola Motoluxe. Can anyone help?

I've had a bb curve b4 and i never had those issues,then came the 16th of November switch over my hardware to motoluxe now im pose with this issue and it's,including in my plan?

with this phone you have to turn on the data enabler off to send a message and then back on to get internet, not sure why but in order to send a message u have to have the data enabler off. and there's nothing that can be done just have to do it manually every time u want access example facebook. go to settings then wireless and network then mobile network then u will see data enabled, hope that helps

ive nevered been able to send text messages it's all being rejected

Hi Alejandro. What exactly are these issues? Let us know so we can help. Thanks.

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